Wanna Be Least Racist President

whites only

February 29, 2016 a group of blacks were escorted out of Donald Trump’s rally. About 30 Valdosta State students dressed in all black were asked to leave the rally by the Secret Service. Why were they asked to leave? Nobody knows. They say that they felt that the group was there to start trouble. Now if their siting at the top of the bleachers quietly, I don’t think that’s starting anything. Were they suspected to be starting trouble because they weren’t the same color as 89% of the rally? How do you exspect to run for president and your scared of blacks. While your so focused on he blacks you should be worried about some of the people who are around you. It really sucks to see how the white man has been foriven for all their wronful doings but blacks try to do right and are punished mostly just because of whats assumed from the color of their skin. Maybe the blacks should have just asked if they missed the WHITE ONLY sign on the way in.



You know it’s funny how we all have our own religious beliefs, and some people none. Well going by our religion we all know a God created this world, no one had to buy food or water. Today is just seems like the people who should be helping us are charging us for everything. They have set it up where we have to pay them for everything to get through our days. What happens if we run out of money? Will we starve? Will those who suppose to help us actually help? Has any of them helped you yet?